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Bodybuilding & weight training

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Bodybuilding & Weight training


Why do so many bodybuilders and weightlifters come to us?

Bodybuilding and weightlifting injuries can come from a variety of sources. Examples of this may be poor lifting technique, lifting beyond your capabilities or training too often (overtraining) without proper rest or recuperation. Over the years Jason our Osteopath has treated many top bodybuilders, Anth Bailes and Daniel Singh to name but a few. We’ve found that a large number of these types of injuries can be put down to microtrauma, or a small injury that can get worse over time, ultimately this can have a severe impact on your ability to train at the intensity required to continue to get stronger, put on mass and compete.

The effects of the microtrauma include the microtearing of the muscle, the sheath around the muscle and the adjacent connective tissue, as well as stress to the tendon and its bony attachments. The microtearing of the muscle tissue leads to microscopic bleeding, all of which affects the entire area around the injury, contributing to what’s commonly known as inflammation and fibrous adhesions. This fibrous adhesion pattern can be seen in people who do certain exercises such as bench press and complain of the same pain in the exact same spot. This doesn’t happen by chance.

At VitaPhysical over the years we’ve developed specific ‘hands on’ treatment techniques designed to address the types of injuries that bodybuilders and weightlifters experience, our results speak for themselves.

Getting assessed and treated regularly by an osteopath and massage therapist is one of the best kept secrets most amateur and pro bodybuilders and weightlifters/powerlifters use to not only treat injuries, but to also prevent them. Remember, you can’t gain when you can’t train.

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