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What to expect

Introductory Massage Offer


On your first massage with us

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Introductory Massage Offer

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New Patient First Visit Offer


On your consultation & first treatment

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New Patient first visit offer

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What to expect when you book in with us

Your Osteopathic Consultation

This will normally last about 45 minutes to 1 hour and involves me taking a full case history including details of your present problem, your past medical history and health in general.  This will then be followed by an examination and treatment.

The Examination

Osteopathy is a “hands on” treatment.  I will first assess your posture and ask you to perform a gentle series of movements to identify any areas of dysfunction.  I will then assess your muscles and joints to identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body.  Other tests such as orthopaedic testing, neurological testing, blood pressure, X-Ray or MRI investigations may be carried out or arranged if necessary. The assessment will be considered alongside lifestyle factors such as work and leisure to enable a full diagnosis and treatment plan to be developed. Once the examination has been completed and any relevant clinical tests carried out, I will explain to you what I have found, what the diagnosis is and, with your agreement, formulate a treatment plan to get you pain free and healthy again.

The Treatment

Treatment will normally begin on the first visit.  Osteopathic techniques are gentle and generally pain-free.  If you are in a lot of discomfort, I will attempt at all cost to avoid aggravating the problem.  I use a combination of techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation, stretching and joint manipulation. Following treatment, I will discuss with you any appropriate changes to your daily routine which will aim to minimise the risk of further injury.  Relevant stretches or exercises may also be given. There is often a lot you can do to help yourself and you will be encouraged to be as proactive as possible.

Bring a friend or family member with you?

Many patients feel more comfortable bringing a friend or your partner to their consultations and treatments. We totally understand that seeing someone for the first time can be a strange and for some a stressful experience. We are more than happy for you to have a companion with you for both your consultation, and treatment, on your first or any subsequent visits if this makes you feel more comfortable. The presence of a friend/family member also means that any details of your condition, or advice that we give you after your treatment, may be remembered by the second person if you are unable to recall all of the details yourself. For Minors under the age of 16 they must have a parent/guardian/carer with them during the consultation and any treatment, who can consent to the treatment given.

Bring with you:

• Any x-rays, scans and results of investigations

• Private Health Insurance policy

•Proof of Unemployment (If applicable)


Comfortable clothes. Most common conditions can be examined and treated without the need for you to undress at all. Occasionally depending on the area of concern, some disrobing may be required, but at all times you will be draped with towels to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the treatment.


Allow 10-15 minutes extra for your initial consultation to fill in your information sheet, this will take place in our waiting room.

The actual consultation with Jason will take approximately 45 minutes.

How will I feel after a Treatment?

Patients frequently notice considerable pain relief after the first treatment. Often pain is reduced and flexibility is noticeably increased. Short term changes in energy levels can be experienced as a treatment will often make it obvious that rest is required for recovery. If you feel discomfort, it usually lasts less than 48 hours, and is caused by muscles and ligaments adapting to a new configuration, not dissimilar to going to ache that you would feel after a gym session after not having gone in ages. Please ring us if you have any concerns.

How many Treatments Will I Need?

Most people need a series of 4 to 6 Osteopathic treatments for good results. You may only need 1 or 2 visits, or you may decide it’s time for deeper change, or schedule regular maintenance visits. Usually, after every treatment you will notice a reduction in the severity of your symptoms. You may notice that other areas that have been uncomfortable are also feeling better. The number of treatments needed depends on how long you have had the problem, how severe it is, and your body’s ability to respond to treatment and maintain improvement.

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