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Pregnancy for a woman is such an exciting and sometimes scary time. The body goes through some tremendous changes right from conception to birth and beyond. As women, we take pregnancy in our stride with our body taking over to look after the little life inside of us,... read more

Stop Smoking

October 2012 was the month for stopping smoking. Being a non-smoker myself, I can see the disadvantages of smoking around others, but as a health professional I also see the disadvantages to the body aswell. I am blogging today to get you clued up on the effects of... read more

Oversized Bags

Oversized bags have become somewhat of a fashion accessory among both women and men. The average bag has been found to weigh in at a whopping 6.2lbs! All of this weight is pulling down on your body and with the added weight of shopping bags this Christmas, your back... read more


According to the Office for National Statistics, the average Briton commutes for 54 minutes every day. So we are all aware of that depressing feeling of waiting for a train in the dark alongside many other miserable commuters or, even worse, driving through the dark,... read more

Bonfire Night

The nation is celebrating Bonfire night with lots of local organised events and house parties. Bonfire celebrations are great fun but, inevitably, drinking is likely to be involved and this can lead to trips, falls and other accidents. When you have been drinking, not... read more

National Stress Awareness Day

Stress is something that we all encounter in our lives and is necessary to help you carry out certain tasks or prepare for them (I.e. working to a tight deadline or taking part in a competitive sport). Not all stress is negative, however long term stress has a... read more

Self Care Week 2012

Growing older healthily As we age it is of greater importance that we take care of ourselves. Self care week 2012 theme is growing older healthily and here at VitaPhysical our team are ready and primed to help you along the way. Here are some of our hints and tips to... read more


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