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Pregnancy for a woman is such an exciting and sometimes scary time. The body goes through some tremendous changes right from conception to birth and beyond. As women, we take pregnancy in our stride with our body taking over to look after the little life inside of us, but sometimes getting on with daily routines can wreak havoc with our musculoskeletal systems. Here is how VitaPhysical can help you through your amazing journey into motherhood.

One of the first things that occurs during pregnancy is the production of a hormone called Relaxin. This hormone is responsible for relaxing and softening the connective tissue in your body during pregnancy in preparation for birth. It allows the ligaments of the pelvis and lower back to soften which, over time, allows your baby to grow and be delivered with ease.

This hormone however can not be specific to the ligaments of just the lower back and pelvis; it also loosens the connective tissue around all of the joints in your body. This makes you more prone to soft tissue injuries due to the instability of those joints and can make you feel vulnerable and imbalanced when moving around.

So what can you do?  At VitaPhysical, we can advise and train you to strengthen your deep stability muscles, called your core muscles which will help keep your lower back and spine strong during pregnancy as you bump places increasing amounts of strain on this part of the body. We can also design a pregnancy safe programme for you to do at home to keep the rest of your body strong and healthy as well.

Later on in pregnancy, overworked muscles can play a part in you feeling tired and sore in some areas of your body. Common problem areas include the upper back and neck, the bum (which can also include sciatic pain down the legs), the calves and also the wrists. At VitaPhysical, we provide pregnancy massage to help relieve the aches in these muscles. The massage relaxes the tissue, rids the areas of waste products and toxins and returns the area back to a healthy state. Not only does mum benefit, but baby also benefits from relaxing hormones being released and an increased blood supply to keep them growing nicely. In addition to the physical benefits, massage also relaxes the mind and provides some much needed ‘me’ time for the mum-to-be.

Having spinal adjustments is also important during pregnancy because your spine can stiffen up in places to try and compensate for all of the extra movement your connective tissue is doing. This can lead to painful joint pain and trapped nerves as well as creating a poor posture position which will need to be corrected once your baby is born.

It is far easier to prevent rather than correct.

These are just the services we provide for standard pregnancy complaints. Being a clinic which specialises in musculoskeletal complaints, VitaPhysical also care for pregnant women who have more serious conditions e.g. sciatic pain, carpal tunnel pain, reoccurring headaches and hip/ pelvic pain.

Please feel free to call one of our practitioners on 0191 565 8886 and ask any questions you may have about your pregnancy complaints. I am sure we can help you have as comfortable a journey as possible. This may be the last chance for a while that you get to focus on you, before your little one arrives.

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