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Wrist Pain

Say Goodbye to your Wrist Pain…


Does this sound like you?

tick You’ve recently noticed a numbness or a sharp, dull or “tooth pain” like ache in your wrist or hand that has been there for longer than a week and shows no signs of improving on its own.
tick You don’t want to take the “painkillers and rest” option advised by your GP, nor do you like the ‘generic’/’off the shelf’ exercises so often given out by the NHS Physiotherapist
tick Your wrist feels weak doing everyday tasks like using your computer mouse, opening a jam jar or brushing your teeth.
tick You may have been told or you may suspect that what you have is Carpal Tunnel syndrome.
tick The pain is worse at night and can often wake you.
tick You value being healthy and pain free, so you want to seek the best advice possible, straight away
tick You definitely want to AVOID surgery or having to have injections.

If you can say “YES” to any of these. Great News… You are in the right place

At VitaPhysical Jason our Osteopath and Bronyia our Massage Therapist have helped a great many people like you, to CURE their Wrist pain. Wrist pain has a number of causes, we are experts at accurately diagnosing the underlying cause of your Pain and our ‘HANDS-ON’ treatment techniques will get you out of Pain and feeling yourself again.

Wrist-Pain-quote “Isn’t it time you got your Wrist pain diagnosed and treated, finally?  We look forward to seeing you soon”.


Jason Oshinowo
Registered Osteopath


Hello from

Jason and Bronyia

“Isnt it time that you finally got your body’s Aches and Pains CURED for good…”


How good would it feel to book in with us and join the 1000’s  of people that we’ve already helped to CURE their pain and enjoy a happy healthy life…

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